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Rogue Primary

  • Stealth - You have advantage in Stealth Checks
  • Steady Eye - Advantage on Perception Checks
  • Sneak Attack - If you attack an target who doesn't notice you, add an additional damage dice on your first attack.
  • Uncanny Dodge - If you can see that you are being attacked, you can dodge to half the damage. (DEX check. must be higher than enemy's attack roll)

Rogue Secondary

  • Evasion - If you are being attacked before your turn in a round, you can evade any attacks with no damage. (DEX check. must be higher than enemy's attack roll)
  • Archetype - You are able to chose one archetype to define you as a Rogue.
    • Arcane Trickster - You combine your stealth and agility with magic.
      • You learn Rogue Spells
      • You are able to disguise yourself and lie very well. Gain advantage on Deception checks.
      • Spell Thief - You are able to steal someone's spell.
        • The owner of the spell cannot use the spell stolen while you have it (Lasts for a few hours).
        • Can only cast once and need a long rest to gain back.
    • Assassin - You hone your stealth skills to utilize in quick killing.
      • Your very first attack in combat is a critical hit, if no one has seen you yet.
      • You can read body language very well. Gain advantage on Insight checks
      • Death Strike - Sneak Attack bonus damage applies to all of your attacks
      • Shadow Step - You are able to teleport to any shadow present within range.
        • You roll a stealth check after performing the skill
          • If successful, you can Shadow Step again (up to 3 times)
    • Blade Dancer - You focus in the art of blades to take down opponents
      • Gain advantage on Initiative rolls and Acrobatics check
      • You can use Evasion anytime and you are able to counter attack (1 attack)
      • Extra Attack - You gain an extra attack.
        • You can select a different target or hold it to use another time during the round.
        • If unused until next turn, you lose the extra attack.
      • Bonus Attack - If you are successful in all your attack rolls, you gain another attack.
      • Blade Master - If you fail an attack roll, you can roll again with advantage.
        • Can only use with 1 attack.
        • Can't use in consecutive rounds.
    • Thief - You use your stealth skills to collect and/or "borrow" something you may desire
      • Gambler - Gain advantage on Sleight of Hands and Luck check.
      • Know-it-all - As a thief, you know a lot of things. Gain advantage on Investigation checks on items.
      • Super Reflex - You can take 2 turns during the first round of any combat.
        • First turn - Your Initiative roll order
        • Second turn - You go last, before a new round begins
        • If first, you can choose to go second last or roll again
        • If last, roll Initiative again

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