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Ranger Primary

  • Monster Hunter - Gain an extra damage dice for 1 attack against beasts
  • Explorer - Gain advantage on Perception and Survival checks
  • Animal awareness - You are able to read the body languages of animals that are not hostile
  • Ranged Weapon Mastery - You are proficient in ranged combat
    • Gain a +2 attack bonus on range attacks

Ranger Secondary

  • Target Slayer - If you hit the same target 3 times in a row, the third attack damage is doubled.
    • The count resets after the third attack or if you attack a different target
    • If you roll a 1 for attack rolls, it resets.
    • If you roll a 20 for attack rolls, it counts as 2.
  • Archetype - You are able to chose one archetype to define you as a Ranger.
    • Beast Master - You gain an animal companion. Only one. You can communicate with your companion normally.
      • Your companion will have it's own stats and initiative roll
        • Consult with the GM about your companion
      • You gain advantage on Animal Handling checks
      • Soul Bond - You are connected with your companion by soul
        • You have a special attack with each other with bonuses
        • If you or you companion dies, one can pass half it's hit points to the other
        • Your companion's attack will count for Target Slayer except for the third attack
        • If you are being attacked and if you're companion can make it, you can call it to half the damage equally
    • Hunter - You hone your skills focusing in combat
      • Close combat - You can choose to attack in melee range as a bonus action.
      • Uncanny Dodge - If you can see that you are being attacked, you can dodge to half the damage.
      • Volley - You are able to shoot multiple arrows at once
        • Number of arrow is equal to d4 + 1
        • Can be in different target a long as they're visible
        • Multiple arrows on 1 target will stack Target Slayer
    • Arcane Archer/Gunslinger - You study magic for your advantage
      • Curving shot - Gain advantage on ranged attack rolls
      • Learn Ranger Spells
    • Sharpshooter - You neva miss. Mostly.
      • Critical Shot - Critical rolls are 18 - 20
      • Steady Aim - Gain advantage on ranged attack rolls
      • Extra Attack - You gain an extra attack.
        • You can select a different target or hold it to use another time during the round.
        • If unused until next turn, you lose the extra attack.

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