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Mage Primary

  • Learn Primary Mage Spells
  • Academic - You gain advantage on Knowledge checks.
  • Element - Choose from Fire, Water, Earth and Air
    • You are able to manipulate the element chosen and GM will decide on how many Spell Slot is used based on the difficulty.
    • Spell Slots used are doubled when using a spell that is not the chosen element.
  • Spell Slot Manipulation - During Combat, you can choose to use your action to regain up to 1d6 Spell Slots.
    • You can choose to share this Spell Slot gained to another creature.

Mage Secondary

  • Learn Secondary Mage Spells
  • Spell Mimicry - You can learn any spell your ally have.
    • Must spend a day per spell slot to fully learn
  • Grand Master - You become very proficient with magic
    • Avatar - You are able to manipulate all 4 elements.
      • Your chosen element will be easier to manipulate.
      • Reduce Spell Slot used by your chosen element by 1.
      • The non chosen elements are now at cost and not doubled.
    • Quick Caster - You can cast 2 instant spells at once

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