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Knight Primary

  • Battle Cry - Enemies who can hear you will be drawn to attack you first.
    • Enemies will have to make a Mental Resistance + your WIS modifier roll to get out of this
  • Protection
    • If someone within twice your melee range is being attacked, you can chose to move there and block. You take half the damage.
  • Defense Stance
    • You take a defensive stance in the front line of the battle.
      • If an enemy enters your range, you can attack as a reaction.
      • If you get hit during this stance, you can block with your shield and attack back
      • You lose this stance if you perform another action

Knight Secondary

  • Battle Roar - Until your next turn, your allies gain +5 on attack rolls
  • Growing Defense - Every time you get hit you gain a +1 AC
    • Maximum 1 per round
    • It resets after combat
  • Banneret - You have great pride in inspiring allies in the battlefield
    • Inspiring Roar - You can heal up to 4 (d4) allies, including yourself, with their hit dice as your bonus action. Can't be used consecutively
    • As a great motivator, gain advantage on Persuasion checks.
    • Inspiring Surge - Chose an ally who can see or hear you. That ally can make one melee or range attack during this.

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