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Fighter Primary

  • Weapon Mastery - You are proficient in melee combat
    • Gain a +2 attack bonus on melee attacks
  • Fighting Style - Must choose one style
    • Duelist - When using a 1h weapon and no other weapon, add a damage dice.
    • Dual Wielder - You can add your damage modifier on your second attack.
    • Great Weapon - If you roll less than 3 on your damage roll, you can roll again.
      • Must use the new roll even if it's lower
  • Extra Attack - You gain an extra attack.
    • You can select a different target or hold it to use another time during the round.
    • If unused until next turn, you lose the extra attack.
  • Second Wind - As a bonus action, you can heal with your hit dice. Can't be use on consecutive turns.

Fighter Secondary

  • Athlete - Gain advantage on Athletic checks
  • Action Surge - You push yourself beyond your limits are able to have 2 Actions on your turn.
    • Can't be use on consecutive turns.
    • Can't be used on the very first turn.
  • Archetype - You are able to chose one archetype to define you as a Fighter
    • Battle Master - You use techniques to fight the enemies
      • Combat Superiority - You learn more skills to help you during battle. Can't be used consecutively.
        • Commander's Strike - You can decide not to use one of your attacks for an ally to attack with you instead
        • Disarming Strike - You can attempt to disarm the target (DEX roll off)
        • Parry - If you are being attacked in melee range, you take half damage and can attempt to attack back.
        • Pushing Strike - You can attempt to push/knock your target (STR roll off)
    • Champion - You hone your skills for dominance over the enemy
      • As a champion, you can choose another Fighting Style
      • Improved Critical - Your critical rolls are 18-20
      • You can choose to attack as a bonus action.
      • You can counter attack someone who hits you in melee range.

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