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Druid Primary

  • Learn Druid Spells
  • Shape Shifter - You are able to shape shift to any beast that you have encountered before
    • You can stay as a beast hours equal to your WIS modifier.
    • You gain the STR, DEF, DEX of the beast and keep your INT, WIS and CHA.
    • The beast's HP is an extension of your HP. When it hits 0, you return to normal form with your previous health
      • E.g If you have 1 HP as a beast and take 10 damage, you take an additional 9 damage to your real HP
    • You can't cast spells as a beast
  • You are very wise. Gain advantage on Mental Resistance roll

Druid Secondary

  • Superior Shape Shifter - You are proficient in Shape Shifting
    • Double the duration that you can stay as a beast
    • You are able to choose the Attributes you keep or use from the beast
  • Learn Superior Druid Spells
  • Druid Circle - As a Druid, you chose a circle that you follow.
    • Dream - You draw power from dreamlike realms. You can freely enter dreams mentaly or physicaly
      • Druid Blessing - As a bonus action, you can choose yourself or an ally to heal with their hit dice. Can't be used consecutively.
      • Dream Cloud - During rests, you are able to create a stationary dream cloud around you and your allies.
        • Any creature inside this cloud is invisible from the outside
        • Everyone inside the cloud gain +5 bonus on Stealth and Perception checks
        • You will know when someone is approaching the cloud
        • It vanishes when you leave the cloud
      • Dream Path - You can create portals that connects dream realms to reality which can teleport creatures or even some attacks
        • You can create portals equal to your WIS modifier
        • You need to at least create 2 for this to work
        • Only one can teleport at a time
    • Moon - You draw power from the moon.
      • Beast Heal - While in beast form, as a bonus action, you can spend a Spell Slot to heal yourself for your hit dice.
      • Magical Beast - Your beast attacks gets added Magic damage. Add your WIS modifier to your attacks.
      • Ultimate Shape Shifter - You can choose to Shape Shift only specific parts of your body.
        • You can gain the STR, DEF and DEX if you want.
    • Land - You draw power from the land.
      • Natural Recovery - You can heal every turn as a bonus action as long as there is something of nature around.
        • You heal with your hit dice
      • Druid Spells Mastery - You become proficient in Druid Spells
        • You add an extra damage dice to all your attack spells
        • Druid Spells cost 1 less Spell Slot to cast

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