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Bard Primary

  • Learn Primary Bard Spells
  • You have advantage on Performance checks
  • Bardic Inspiration - You are able to inspire your allies with what they do
    • You give an inspirational dice (d10) to someone of your choosing
    • You have an inspiration dice equal to your CHA modifier
    • The dice needs to be used within a short period
    • You gain an inspiration dice back when someone spends it
  • Song of Rest - During rests, you can start a performance and roll for Performance
    • Short rest
      • If success, everyone heals for an extra 1d12 + your CHA modifier
      • If fail, everyone just heals an extra hit dice roll
    • Long rest
      • If success, everyone gains an extra temporary HP equal to 1d12 + your CHA modifier and 2 temporary Spell Slots
      • If fail, you gain a temporary HP equal to your hit dice roll

Bard Secondary

  • Level Secondary Bard Spells
  • Jack of all Trades - Gain an extra +1 to all your Skill modifier
  • Battle Song - During combat, you are able so sing a song for turns equal to your CHA modifier
    • All allies that can hear gain an extra 2 AC
    • All enemies that can hear looses 2 AC
  • Song of Prophecy - By spending 8 Spell Slots, you are able to turn your song into reality
    • You can just sing the song and GM will determine how realistic it can happen based on the circumstances 

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